Senior Sales Representative – Abu Dhabi – Siemens AG

What are my responsibilities?
Secure and increase the current financial targets which is currently equal (2.5M $)
Follow the implementation of Siemens innovative Service & Customer Support strategies and processes which optimize service levels within the defined list of customers of his responsibility via following the implementation of the best practice by the partners within budget requirements.
Work in close collaboration with the Siemens Sales Manager and the local partners to ensure implementation of these strategies and processes.
Direct & continuous follow up of the fulfillments of customers’ needs to reach the customers satisfaction.
Help to implement the assays campaigns.
Develop and maintain relationships with top customers in his/her list.
Track and assure that the predefined KPI are performed by the local teams within the customers list under his responsibility.
Actively promote the Siemens CS brand image within the customers list under his responsibility by following that the partners’ teams are projecting an image of professionalism and competence at all times.
Regular visits to customer, including hands on Application support

What do I need to apply?
High Understanding of Lab Division products.
High Understanding of In Vitro Quality and Compliance systems
High and effective communication skills, both written and verbal.
Should have a predisposition for effectively managing change.
Must be sensitive to diversity in culture, language-ability, economic and political constraints, customer-expectations, regulatory requirements, etc.
Basic, Network & IT basics knowledge.
At least 3 years of experience in Laboratory environment

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