Registered Nurse First Assistant – Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Job Description
This position is responsible to functions as a first assistant to the surgeon during surgical incision, excision, repair of pathology, and wound closure throughout the perioperative period on procedures for which privileges have been granted. This position is also responsible for providing general and specialized direct and indirect patient care through the application of evidence based nursing procedures and practices to surgical patients of all ages.

Promotes the mission, vision, and values of the organization.
Provides competent and ethical care within legal standards of practice as applicable to the RNFA.
Participating in preoperative assessment and planning for selected surgical patients in collaboration with perioperative team members in the preoperative location;
Recognizing safety hazards and initiating appropriate preventative and corrective actions;
Providing exposure through appropriate use of instruments, retractors, suctioning, and sponging techniques;
Handling and dissecting tissues in collaboration with the surgeon.
Clamping blood vessels, coagulating bleeding points, ligating vessels, and performing other procedures in collaboration with the surgeon.
Suturing muscle, fascia, subcutaneous, and skin tissue in collaboration with the surgeon.
Placing drains as surgically indicated.
Assisting with cannulation and decanulation procedures, if indicated.
Following selected surgical patients postoperatively in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team.
Serves as an educator, mentor, consultant, and resource to colleagues and other health care professionals in relation to RNFA activities.
Works as a professional colleague with the perioperative team and influences multidisciplinary relationships by enhancing collaborative processes.
Maintains regulatory, credentialing, and privileging requirements.
Completes RNFA-specific competencies.
Pursues professional growth related to both perioperative nursing and RNFA practice and participates in a professional organization.
Acts as a patient advocate and maintains privacy and confidentiality of all appropriate information.

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