PSG Technician – Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Job Description
Job Summary
This position is responsible for performing routine polysomnograms for patients who have been diagnosed with a sleep and/or wake disorder.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
 Interviews patient to assess current condition and explains the procedure
 Sets-up and calibrates data acquisition system and appropriate ancillary equipment
 Performs polysomnogram and monitors and changes the patient’s body position or environment as needed to obtain the required sleep and/or wake data
 Performs positive airway pressure titration studies and scores polysomnographic studies
 Collaborates with physicians to monitor patients and maintain a database for the purposes of research
 Monitors ongoing quality assurance for scoring polysomnographic competency of data acquisition
 Maintains patient safety at all times
 Maintains equipment in clean operating condition
 Disinfects and sterilizes appropriate equipment, electrodes and transducers

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