Practical Nurse – Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Job Description
The Practical Nurse/Assistant Nurse provides appropriate patient care according establish care plans under supervision from Registered Nurses to the Nursing Scope of Practice as defined by HAAD for an Assistant Nurse. Adheres to and promotes the Professional Nurses Code of Conduct for Abu Dhabi. The Practical Nurse is not licensed for independent practice and remains responsible and accountable for his/her own actions. Understands, supports and promotes the mission, vision and values of the Organization.

– To maintain a high standard of nursing care for patients, working within evidence based guidelines and unit specific competencies.
– Under the supervision of the Registered Nurse, assess and implement nursing care for patients ensuring a patient centered approach to care.
– Under the direction of the Registered nurse, assist in the activities of daily living for patients in accordance with the patient care plan e.g. distribution of patient meals and assisting patients with hygiene needs.
– Demonstrates service excellence and acts as a patient advocate to support the patients’ dignity and rights at all times.
– Understands the basic indications for medications, recognizes side effects and reports to the Registered Nurse appropriately.
– Ensures the registered nurse is informed of observations and care provided for patients and document appropriately.
– Reports any significant changes in the patient’s condition to a Registered Nurse immediately.
– Responds to all levels of emergencies according to the organization’s policies and procedures.
– Facilitates post discharge clinic visits and/or tests as required including scheduling follow-up and referral appointments and providing printed AVS to patient exam room.
– Helps arrange patient transportation as required.
– Maintains flow of documents for scanning if needed.
– Gives direct patient care according to the therapeutic plan and individual patient needs as directed be the patient care plan under direction of a Registered Nurse.
– Provides appropriate information to assist the Registered Nurse in the preparation and maintenance of an effective patient care plan.
– Records in the patient’s official record a detailed report of care given which reflects the therapeutic plan and specific aspects of the patient care plan under direction of Registered Nurse.
– Reinforces instructions given to the patient by the physician and Registered Nurse and refers new needs for instruction to the Registered Nurse.
– Notifies the Registered Nurse of significant findings or changes in the patient’s physical or mental conditions.
– Initiates C.P.R. procedures when there is a sudden cessation of heart beat or respirations.
– Initiates emergency assistance as per policies and procedures.
– Asks questions when in doubt for clarification by the Registered Nurse.
– Acts as a role model for ancillary personnel.
– Maintains the confidentiality of the patient’s clinical records.
– Attends staff development programs as related to the current practices in nursing.
– Practices within the limits of the scope of practice per license from HAAD and understands legal consequences of nursing action.
– Involves patient and/or family in care of patient as appropriate.
– Interacts effectively with other members of the Health Care Team.
– Keeps skills up to date and increases knowledge and productivity.
– Performs other duties as assigned by line manager

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