Performance Improvement – Clinical Risk Management – Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Job Description
This position is responsible for overseeing CCAD’s quality management and improvement program, clinical risk management activities and ensuring that CCAD is compliant with appropriate accreditation standards.

– Determines CCAD’s annual performance measurement, improvement plan and Quality & Patient Safety Plan in collaboration with CCAD executive and clinical leadership
– Provides oversight of CCAD’s performance measurement, improvement plan and Quality & Patient Safety Plan
– Identifies performance improvement needs around quality measures and ensures that less-than-target performance or trends are followed up in collaboration with CCAD executive and clinical leadership to facilitate process improvement
– Establishes quality measurement and improvement priorities in collaboration with CCAD personnel
– Directs and has overall responsibility for the operations of the clinical risk management program, including the safety event reporting system (SERS)
– Oversees the development and implementation of risk management policies and procedures
– Directs staff in loss control and prevention activities
– Oversees the design and implementation of risk management surveys and studies
– Works with medical staff services to develop and maintain management profiles on physicians and integrates that information into the credentialing process
– Answers physician, nurse and administrator medical and legal inquiries regarding emergent patient care issues and loss control Identifies applicable regulatory requirements that may affect risk management programs
– Leads the development of an approach to disclose medical errors at CCAD and obtains physician support and input
– Provides oversight of statistical trending of losses and analyzes patterns
– Provides oversight of the accumulation of risk management cost data for budgetary and historical purposes
– Conducts surveys, studies and special projects to assist in long-term planning and changes to CCAD policies, procedures and systems that reduce clinical risk and professional liability losses
– Assumes overall responsibility for JCI accreditation application processes and any mandatory reporting Monitors and evaluates CCAD for compliance with accreditation and regulatory agency standards
– Serves as an internal consultant on quality control and accreditation standards for health care operations

– Minimum of ten (10) years of experience is required with a minimum of three (3) years of experience in risk management
– Minimum of five (5) years previous managerial experience is required
– Knowledge of health care systems, accrediting and regulatory standards, analysis and evaluation techniques related to clinical processes and outcomes, patient satisfaction and patient safety issues, and risk management
– Experience with data collection, analysis and statistical reporting
– Demonstrated leadership and collaboration skills
– Proficient in the use of PCs and spreadsheets
– Strong presentation skills
– Strong oral and written communication skills

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