Occupational Therapist – Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Job Description
This position is responsible for the evaluation and treatment of patients referred to occupational therapy. Following critical analysis of the evaluation findings the therapist will be responsible for the organization and implementation of individualized therapeutic programs. The therapists will aim to address highlighted deficits and work towards pre-determined goals.

• Adopts a patient centered approach to practice
• Performs a comprehensive evaluation on each patient utilizing recognized and standardized assessment protocols relevant to the patient’s condition
• Uses standardized outcome measures to quantify the patient’s status
• Critically analyzes patient evaluation information to formulate problem lists and SMART goals
• Administers therapeutic interventions that are evidence based to address highlighted problems
• Facilitates active participation of the patient in service provision
• Promotes maximum independence by selecting and constructing therapies according to individual’s physical capacity, intelligence level, and interest. This is achieved through: establishment, remediation, or restoration of a skill
• Encourages compensation, modification, or adaptation of activity or environment to enhance performance, maintenance and enhancement of capabilities
• Acts as an advocate on behalf of the patient to protect the patient’s health, safety and rights.

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