Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist – Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Job Summary
This position is responsible for performing routine and complex EEG, IOM, EMG Epilepsy Monitoring, and Evoked Potential examinations in the laboratory, at the patient’s bedside or in the intensive care units and within the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. This position is also responsible for performing nerve conduction studies for patients and ensuring that proper adjustments are made for accurate recording procedures.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
Applies suitable electrodes on predetermined positions on the patient’s head and checks their performance
Calibrates and adjusts the neurodiagnostic apparatus as necessary
Describes all abnormal clinical manifestations observed during the EEG test
Abstracts relevant information from the patient’s clinical record
Performs EEG exams on patients for special studies
Schedules and organizes special procedure tests
Obtains EEG recordings for carotid endarterectomy in the operating room
Provides training in the interpretation of EEG recordings and applications
Maintains equipment in clean operating condition and performs proper maintenance
Troubleshoots the equipment and performs minor repairs
Complies and forwards charge slips for billing purposes as required
Selects nerves to be studied by reviewing request and patient history
Prepares patient for EMG exam
Applies electrodes to proper locations to electrically stimulate specific nerves identified for the patient
Makes surface measurements and calculates conduction velocities based on results obtained from nerve conduction instrumentation
Instructs in the use of instrumentation and electrode application
Maintains clean linen for each patient and cleans rooms, electrodes and equipment
Ensures cleanliness of general laboratory areas and replenishes supplies
Ensures maintenance of equipment and instrumentation in laboratories and exam rooms
Keeps accurate logs of all patients
Assists with the development and testing of new procedures
Assists with Intra Operative Monitoring within the Peri-Operative Department
Conducts and interpreting EEG, NCS, Evoked Potentials

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