EEG Technician – Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

• This position is responsible for performing routine and complex EEG examinations in the laboratory, at the patient’s bedside or in the intensive care units.

• Applies suitable electrodes on predetermined positions on the patient’s head and checks their performance
• Calibrates and adjusts the EEG apparatus as necessary
• Describes all abnormal clinical manifestations observed during the EEG test
• Abstracts relevant information from the patient’s clinical record
• Performs EEG exams on patients for special studies
• Schedules and organizes special procedure tests
• Obtains EEG recordings for carotid endarterectomy in the operating room
• Provides training in the interpretation of EEG recordings and applications
• Maintains equipment in clean operating condition and performs proper maintenance
• Troubleshoots the equipment and performs minor repairs
• Complies and forwards charge slips for billing purposes as required

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