DENTAL HYGIENIST – The Emirates Group – UAE

As a Dental Hygienist you will be responsible for providing the most up to date, high quality evidence-based dental care orientated towards improving and maintaining dental health and hygiene and preventing disease. You will be required to assess and record the patients periodontal status, provide advice on dental health and care to patients during consultations or through formal sessions and assist the restorative team in treatment planning for complex multi-disciplined cases.

Key Accountabilities :

In this role you will be required to:
– Assess and record the patients, periodontal status using established standardised indices and provide oral hygiene and diet instruction where appropriate. Perform scaling, polishing and fluoride applications.
– Assure the highest standards of cross infection control in the workplace at all times.
– Prescribe medications held within the department, in line with current protocols and advise patients of possible complications.
– Provide advice on dental health and care to patients during consultations or through formal sessions for certain target groups (eg. to parents of small children to advise them on diet and how to teach their children to care for their teeth.).
– Utilise patient screening procedures to check periodontal status including soft tissue examination and assessing the patients, medical history.
– Decide on the appropriateness of taking dental x-rays based on assessment of the problem, the benefits and disadvantages, in order to minimise risks to the patient.
– Maintain and regularly update professional knowledge and skills, through research (journals, internet, networking within profession, etc.) and continuing education (seminars, conferences and post graduate courses) in order to recommend and implement changes and ensure the services developed are appropriately benchmarked for best practice.
– Participate in quality assurance activities by devising and conducting audits on dental health procedures and recommending and implementing changes to existing procedures and protocols, as appropriate.
– Use advanced skills to develop and implement individualised dental care plans for patients.

– 2 year diploma in Dental Hygiene or equivalent from a recognised university or Dental college.
– 5 years full time clinical experience
– Current Department of Health License to practise in Dubai preferred
– Current CPR ( BLS ) certificate from an accredited organisation such as the American or British Heart Association, Certification to administer local anaesthesia and Certification to place temporary restorations desirable.
Please Note: In order to obtain a DHA Licence in Dubai, you must have completed a 2 year Diploma in Dentistry.

We offer an attractive tax-free salary, paid in Dirhams, the local currency of the UAE. The Dirham is linked to the Special Drawing Right of the International Monetary Fund. It has been held constant against the US dollar since the end of 1980 at a mid-rate of approximately US$1= Dh3.66. Besides travel benefits normally associated with an airline, more information on employee benefits is available within the ‘Working Here’ section of this site. By viewing the ‘Dubai Lifestyle’ section in the site you can also consider the benefits of Dubai as a location to live and work in.

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