Trade Compliance Officer – Dubai – ABB

Your main responsibilities will include;
•Designing and overseeing implementation of policies and procedures for complying with all applicable export control, sanctions, and customs requirements – that is, have responsibility for governance of “trade compliance” requirements.
•Ensuring the creation and maintenance of written trade compliance procedures for TMC and BU managers. This includes customs procedures as well as procedures for screening all proposed exports for compliance with export control and sanctions requirements and, if required, procedures for the preparation and submission of export license applications.
•Working with TMC and/or BU-based Product Classification Engineers as well as other responsible managers to ensure that all exported and imported products/technology are properly classified with respect to national export control and tariff lists. As needed, directly oversee or assist in product classifications (export control or tariff related) for specific transactions.
•Working with Country Trade Compliance Officer ( TCO ) (if applicable), Information Systems (IS) management, and LBU management to ensure effective BU use of SAP’s Global Trade Services (GTS) compliance and customs modules (that is, if in a country that has implemented GTS).
•As appropriate given Transport Management System (TMC), Cluster, and/or Country staffing and country-based legal requirements, ensure the efficient implementation of GTS-based SPL/Embargo/Product screening – or manual screening if necessary – for both exports and imports.
•Managing, review, and ensure the proper release or maintenance of GTS-based SPL/Embargo/Product blocks.
•As appropriate given the specific organization of a TMC and the countries or cluster at issue, including the existence of involved country legal staff, TMC TCOs will take either a lead or a supportive role in contacts with government trade compliance authorities.
•When required and appropriate given related country and BU compliance staffing, TMC TCOs will support BU managers on compliance issues relating to customers or vendors.
•Overseeing, creating standards, provide advice, and (as appropriate) ensure transaction-based compliance with applicable country-of-origin rules. This includes master data maintenance and ensuring transactional compliance.
•Ensuring the training of TMC, Country, and BU employees having specific trade compliance responsibilities (export control, customs compliance, and sanctions) while implementing a program to ensure general trade compliance awareness among other managers and employees.
•Overseeing and support the production of country-focused manuals outlining procedures for customs and export compliance.
•Providing senior management periodic updates regarding the status of the trade compliance program in the countries and BUs at issue for their TMC as well as of significant changes in applicable trade compliance (export control and customs) laws/regulations.
•Following and Establish where necessary rules and procedures for the governance and archiving of trade compliance records, which must be maintained for a minimum of five years, but always for a period that satisfies national legal requirements.
•Conducting annual reviews of trade compliance in the countries/BUs at issue for their TMC, ensure the preparation and use of local audit procedures for these countries/BUs, and support the Audit Department and Group compliance managers in their oversight of Group trade compliance.
•As appropriate, notify Country TCOs and/or Group trade compliance staff of sensitive export control, sanctions, or customs cases.
•Notifying Country TCOs, Group trade compliance staff, and in-house legal counsel of any suspected trade compliance violation.

Ideally you should be having 5 years’ experience in responsible trade or trade compliance position, a master’s degree or equivalent experience is preferred. Having the ability to manage assignments with limited direct supervision. Having the ability to interpret and apply complex government regulations as well as company policies to specific transactions and business initiatives. Having an interest (and preferably demonstrated knowledge) in international affairs and global business and an ability to apply such knowledge when evaluating ABB business initiatives.

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