Quality Manager in Projects – Siemens AG

What will my responsibilities be?
The duty of the QMiP (Quality Engineer) is to act and operatively support the Project Manager as expert and partner by planning, supervision, ensuring and reporting of appropriate activities with regard to failure prevention, effective proceedings (pro-active & re-active) and continuous improvements over the entire PM@Siemens process.

Of particular importance is the authority to intervene at any stage in the project, if proceedings impact targeted results negatively. The QMiP reports directly to Project Manager and acts as member of the core project team. In functional matters the reporting line is additionally to the sub divisional or divisional Quality Manager of the project related business (HQ).

What experience do I need to qualify for the role?
Quality planning and control:
With the objective of an effective proceeding over all steps of the project, an appropriately structured (e.g. functionally) Quality Plan, e.g. acc. ISO 10005 / 10006 is to be established and continuously monitored.

The overall impact should be pro-active and failure preventive, but re-active proceedings need to be considered as well. All proceedings with the application of methods/ tools should be defined clearly with reference to standard processes of related business (es) and their interfaces of HQ to required on-site proceedings.

Progress and results should be verifiable based on (a) project-critical factors, (b) quality related KPI´s or key figures, (c) defined target values or characteristics to be achieved.

Quality management:
Determination, implementation and sustainment of a consistent QM-system -if relevant, certified- for on-site application (e.g. acc. ISO 9001) adapted to the QM system applied by the relevant business unit (HQ).

Independent of an established QM system, securing consistency of required proceedings with the on-going execution in order to continuously assure transparency with the specific focus on interfaces of different (organizational) functions.

Supporting the project management in planning and securing milestone results in the execution phase of the project.

Interactions with Business Unit QM, other functions and if relevant, with regional QM. This also requires acting as facilitator and project related expert of (q-) measures related to third parties. All the activities should be on optimizing resources and synergies with other allied disciplines, e.g. environmental protection, health and safety at work.

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