Manager Cargo – Ground Ops Load Engineering

Job description

Responsible for the development of engineering and technical expertise for SkyCargo to safely engage in the transport of heavy and out-sized cargo as well as other special cargo types requiring engineering competencies. Manage the Load Master division to ensure that weight and balance activities, special cargo loading /unloading and necessary approvals and permits are in compliance with OEM manuals, company operational manuals and international regulatory bodies.

Job Outline

· Responsible for the selection, training, rostering and performance evaluation of Load Masters. Ensure training and recurrent training such as weight and balance, safety and emergency procedures, first aid, documentation and handling of dangerous goods are valid and carried out regularly.
· Manage the load master functions to ensure safe and efficient handling and loading of cargo, including oversized and heavy, as per company policies and procedures and all applicable governmental, legislative and regulatory requirements in order to avoid damage to aircraft, cargo, equipment and personnel.
· Develop, setup and manage ground support operational policies and procedures for the transport of heavy and out-sized cargo
· Deliver engineering and technical consultancy services to clients on feasible methods of delivery, packing and transportation of heavy and oversized cargo, covering all stages including product design and manufacturing aspects if needed.
· Develop and implement shoring/loading and restraint schemes and specifications for heavy and oversized cargo.
· When required, responsible for the ground support arrangements at the airports for loading and unloading oversized cargo, including delivery to/from airport including obtaining all necessary authorizations, approvals and permits.
· Provide the network with the technical and professional expertise in cargo related aircraft loading activities and promote EK SkyCargo ability to handle oversized and diverse unusual cargo.
· Develop and disseminate best practices in safety performance and engineering operational processes in new upstream ventures.
· Responsible and accountable to establish, implement and ensure compliance with the industry safety/security standards and approved international regulations. Introduce and manage quality and safety procedures to minimise risk to staff and operations. Review and action safety audit findings, risk analysis and incident investigations related to oversized cargo loading/handling activities in coordination with Group Safety and Flight Ops.
· Liaise with SkyCargo and EG IT units for the development of automated system solutions related to cargo weight and balance, loading and unloading activities.

Qualifications Required

University degree in engineering (e.g. mechanical, structural, aeronautical – degree of MSc or equivalent)

Desired experience:

Practical experience in the air cargo business (freighter operation, freighter weight&balance, good understanding of regulatory/airframer documentation)
IT knowledge desirable (Excel incl. VBA, AutoCAD/Inventor)

We offer an attractive tax-free salary, paid in Dirhams, the local currency of the UAE. The Dirham is linked to the Special Drawing Right of the International Monetary Fund and it has been held constant against the US dollar since the end of 1980 at a mid-rate of approximately US$1=Dh3.66. Besides generous travel benefits normally associated with an airline, this managerial role also has excellent leave and health care packages, accommodation, power and water paid for, along with transport benefits, life insurance and other employee benefits making the role attractive to high performers. By viewing the ‘Dubai Lifestyle’ section in the careers website you can also consider the many benefits of Dubai as a location to live and work in.

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