Cargo Duty Officer – Warehouse – Etihad Airways – Abu Dhabi

Job Purpose
To handle a team of individuals and physical resources in planning, allocating, controlling and monitoring operations within a particular shift.

Receive briefing from outgoing Duty Officer / Duty Manager.
Establish resource numbers available in the shift. This must include staff and equipment serviceability.
In case of requirement, arrange for staff to be called for overtime
Use available tools to determine workloads – cargo system, flight schedule, expected tonnages etc.
Obtain overview of critical shipments e.g. VIP / DIP / VAL / GKA / PER / AVI / HUM etc. to be handled in the shift
Conduct shift briefings involving all key sections. Ensure that each section is briefed on the critical shipments in addition to normal operational items.
Receive feedback from shift supervisors on their resource allocations. Review and revise, if required.
Use system tools e.g. SLA monitoring, flight import overview etc. to maintain real time information on tonnages, flight movements etc. Use this information to make dynamic realignments to resource allocations.
Practice “management by walking around” – 80% of the time to be spent in the warehouse.
Ensure that operations are conducted in a structured manner i.e. proper housekeeping, work areas are maintained in an organized manner,
Ensure hourly receipt of work progress reports from export and import supervisors. Take corrective action if progress report is not up to expectations.
Ensure that emphasis is laid on health and safety issues, within and outside warehouse. This includes, but is not limited to, safety shoes, ear plugs, safe driving etc.
Ensure liaison with police, customs, agents and regulators to have a smooth operational process.
Ensure that cargo is steered from acceptance and imports into the proper terminals and storage locations.
Ensure that storage is done in a proper and safe manner by the staff / operators.
Ensure that all safety issues pertaining to ULD serviceability, checklists etc are followed at all times.
Ensure on time flight & truck departures and that activities are performed within agreed SLA’s.
Prepare end of shift statistics and management reports.
Escalate pro-actively any issues of significance to the Duty Managers.

Qualification & Education:
High school or equivalent

5 years’ experience in airport operations

Training & Knowledge:
Basic IATA
DGR Cat 6

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