Head of Legal Affairs – Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University

The Head of Legal Affairs assist the legal affairs manager with routine aspects of legal and factual data compilation and analysis, drafting legal documents and conveying routine legal information under supervision.

Main roles & responsibilities
Prepare and coordinate transactions, including licenses acquisition, training, SLA, purchase and leasing documents, legal Notices, initiate memorandums and other related documents required by legal section.
Conduct and summarize legal documents, perform records research, legal research, check legal forms for accuracy, prepare reports correspondence, draft all sorts of legal documents and prepare declarations.
Prepare various legal or special reports on pertinent legal aspects and other functions practices.
Research and maintain a current directory of precedents, amendments and rectifications of practical regulations and laws of the UAE.
Monitor compliance with policies, procedures, regulations, and appropriate laws.
Ability to implement and develop what is learned and to prioritize work under tight schedules with basic knowledge of legal terminology and principles.
Draft rules and regulations, alternatively translate when necessitated relevant texts from English to Arabic and vice versa.
As deemed participate in discussions and perform legal research and other information gathering tasks to assist staff with the generation of advice for the HBMSU decision makers.
Assist in development of division policies, procedures, and guidelines.
Liaise with local authorities/department, and undertake the process of submission and receiving any certificate, license etc.

Required qualification & skills
Bachelor degree in Law or any related field from an accredited university.
Minimum of 4 years of relevant experience directly related to the job duties.
Thorough knowledge of the Dubai Government HR law, rules and regulations.
Knowledge of UAE legal practices and procedures.
Ability to use independent judgment and to manage and impart confidential information.
Knowledge of laws, regulations, methods, and techniques in area of specialty.
Excellent communication skills in both Arabic and English languages.

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