Nuclear Performance Improvement Specialist, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation

• Bachelors degree
•Engineering or technical degree
•3 to 4 years related work experience
•Experience in industrial work environment
•Demonstrated ability to effectively use database tools (Excel, PowerPoint, etc) to prepare reports, graphs and documents.
•Advanced IT database skills
•Values Nuclear Safety as the overriding priority
•Team skills
•Communication skills
•Ability to work with diverse teams to meet objectives
•Critical thinking skills – Ability to solve problems
•Able to provide constructive/critical feedback to others, including superiors

To support their NPI Section Head in various aspects of review, development, and assessment of the NPI programs and initiatives including, but not limited to: Culture of Safety, Corrective Action, Self-Assessment, Operating/Construction Experience, Human Performance, and Benchmarking.

1. Support Nuclear Performance Improvement Head(s) as assigned.
•Develop reports for presentation to management•Prepare technical presentations, graphs and documents
•Track action/performance items and assess quality of responses
•Participate in/conduct the training and coaching of ENEC staff in the implementation of various Performance Improvement processes

2.Support effective implementation of NPI processes
•Assist, and mentor as needed, all ENEC departments to ensure effective implementation of NPI processes as directed by their NPI Head
3.Implement NPI programs and activities, ensuring regulatory requirements are met •Develop, maintain, implement, and improve the NPI continuous improvement programs
4.Budget•Prepare and recommend the development of department budget, and monitors financial performance versus the budget to ensure alignment 5.Stakeholder Engagement•Facilitate communication both internally and externally in order to build and nurture mutually beneficial working relationships
6.HSE• Follow all relevant departmental HSE policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions to ensure HSE compliance in all aspects of work in accordance with sound management practices by applying these HSE policies and procedures to self and others to take reasonable care for the health and safety of people, or the environment, who are at the employee’s place of work who may be affected by the employees acts or omissions at work.

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