Preparatory Faculty – Abu Dhabi – Khalifa University

Job Summary
The Preparatory Program prepares incoming University students for the rigor and demands of university life in order to retain them in higher education and facilitate their academic success.

The Preparatory Program is academic in nature and consists of courses in such subjects as English, Mathematics, Physics, and Information Technology. Courses focused on university success, such as study skills, time management, individual learning styles, computer skills and expectations for university work are also provided to further prepare the student for the transition to university-level study.

A student is placed into the Preparatory Program based on assessment scores conducted during the admissions process. Students who satisfactorily complete the Preparatory Program will commence for-credit undergraduate study in the University.

Duties and Responsibilities
The responsibilities of faculty members in the Preparatory Program shall be to provide high quality learning experience
to the students of the Preparatory Program in subject areas allocated to them. Faculty shall report to the Director of
Preparatory Program and perform instruction-related duties and responsibilities in a timely manner and in accordance
with the mission, policies and procedures of Khalifa University.

Teaches in subject areas and on time schedules allocated by the Director of Preparatory Program;
Prepares teaching material including course outline, syllabus and lesson plans. Revises the subject matter on a regular basis as appropriate for that subject;
Contributes to the development, planning and implementation of a high quality curriculum;
Provides students with detailed syllabus, methods of instruction and evaluation in their courses;
Engages in the selection of textbooks and other teaching aids necessary to the instruction of courses;
Monitors students’ performance in their subject areas and provides remedial classes when necessary;
Sets and marks exams, coursework, assignments, laboratory work, homework, and any other relevant activity;
Uses up-to-date instructional technology and ensures the delivery is clear and consistent;
Participates in professional peer reviews;
Develops and improves their scholarly competence and effectiveness as teachers within their area of expertise.
Serves in a collegial fashion and in accordance to the University’s policies when dealing with other faculty members, students, administrators and members of the public;
Contributes to working groups or committees as requested;
Contributes to student recruitment and retention efforts;
Fosters service by contributing to the community at large in participatory, developmental or advisory capacity;
Supports and participates in student organization activities.
Carries out any other duties commensurate with the position.

Masters degree in related discipline from an accredited institution.

Experience relevant to the position.

Computer Skills
Must possess required computer knowledge and abilities required to perform the job effectively.

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