Dental Nurse – Ajman University

Job Responsibilities:
Clean and sterilize instruments used in the clinic.
Assist dental students in the clinics.
Assist in preparing the patient for treatment by students and assist during the treatment as needed.
Evaluate the students’ performance and liability in the clinics.
Demonstrate Minor oral surgery procedures (e.g. Impacted Teeth).
Upgrade the core of knowledge of the dental students.
Help dental students in their Researches and Seminars.
Consultation and Dental check-ups for patients.
Routine inspection for cross-infection control.
Invigilate during mid-term and final exams.
Assist the dental technicians in their laboratory tasks.
Maintain hygiene, health and safety measures in the dental clinics.
Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree/ Diploma in Nursing or any related field from an accredited institution with at least 1 year of experience that is directly related to the duties specified.

Skills Required:
Ability to work as a team member within a clinical environment.
Ability to set up and prepare dental nursing procedures in accordance with established regulations and guidelines.
Knowledge of dental supplies, equipment, and/or services ordering and inventory control.
Knowledge of governmental/ institutional regulations and guidelines for the provision of dental outpatient nursing services.
Ability to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot a wide range of dental equipment in accordance with prescribed procedures and standards.
Knowledge of radiation safety procedures, standards, and protocols.
Knowledge of sterile procedures.

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