To research, implement and maintain quality software and systems – undertaking a defined role, decided on a project by project basis by the Project Manager in collaboration with the relevant Resource Specialist. The roles may be a combination of activities involving software production, software and database design, business and process analysis.
The role Senior Software Engineer would encompass software design, production of software and leading a team of junior software engineers. A term of reference sheet will be associated with this job to define the project needs, requirements and specifications. This will be identified by the Project Manager/Project Controller

Job Accountabilities:

Software Production:
Translate process and enhancement specifications into programs and develop or refine error-free code within agreed time-scales using development techniques, tools, methods and languages specified by the Project Manager with the aim of optimizing operational efficiency. Participates in software documentation process by writing first draft versions of technical literature, review final documents prior to release and verify if the processes have been followed
Investigate reported faults in operational code to determine changes and approaches to the code for promotion and replacement, conforming to established procedures of the department.
Design and prepare test plan strategies and oversee test scripts to validate all new software development and enhancements. Participate and be responsible for the test, training and implementation phases of projects. Identify recurring problems or issues in software development, assigned applications and provide solutions or approaches to problems.

Software and Database Design:
Translate the functional requirements into the specification of functional processes, program modules and data definitions.
Work with the database administrators to design and build file structures to support the functional processes providing documentation and Reference for specifications, design, code development, testing and support. Ensure that staff maintaining and performing software systems understand user needs and software requirements to determine feasibility of design and development within time and cost constraints. Plan and assist with the testing of modules by doing code reviews as well as integration testing and also be responsible for creation of databases for test and training.

Business and Systems Analysis:
Prepare, collect and document business objectives, functional specifications, requirements, data models and technical architecture to meet an identified business need. Assist the Project Manager and relationship managers (BITM’s or B.A’s) to scope small projects, prepare business cases and the project plan, and prepare the systems requirements specifications to the point of sign off. Prepare functional and technical specifications for external suppliers or for in-house development. Test and quality assure all software. Assist the Business Managers in establishing test and acceptance plans, as well as the final production database.

Team Leading:
Assist Project Manager in setting objectives and targets for junior project staff and performing quality assurance checks as required. For small systems solutions this would entail, documenting business objectives, functional requirements, data models and technical architecture. Project manage the delivery of subprojects or small systems and solutions, within the established procedures, quality standards and methods to achieve the targets of quality, cost, benefits and time-scales. Liaise with external suppliers and internal specialist groups involved in the project.
Report on projects and work programmes to the Project Controller as required. Mentors and trains both peers and less senior software development staff in areas of domain expertise and internal procedures. Contribute towards improving the performance of the department, following and improving relevant departmental standards, and undertake additional specialist roles and activities when required.

• Information Technology Software 5+ Years

• Degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent)

• Education in various programming languages, data modelling, database design, developing tools is vital.
Training in a range of professional courses covering all elements of the systems delivery/development process.
IT experience (software development environment. Should have worked as a Team/ Module lead for at least 2 years leading a team of min 3-4 people or on a project size of over 5 man years.
Thorough understanding of client server, web development, and/or N-Tier architecture, software environments with integrated development and related tools is important. Specific knowledge of various projects will be part of the TOR.

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