IT Service Management Analyst – Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Job Summary
This position is responsible for providing professional services to IT in support of Service Management following ITIL

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
Performs reviews and enhancements to ITIL processes and procedures covering all of IT
Performs daily duties that could cover the responsibilities outlined below under each IT Service Management process:
Incident management
Performs Incident determination
Creates workaround’s
Initiates a change request
Communicates a workaround, if applicable
Tracks a permanent fix for the incident
executes a resolution, if applicable
Identifies the resolved incidents as candidates for inclusion in the Operational Documentation
Request fulfillment
Collects request information from customer
Identifies request type (e.g. request for service, request for information etc.)
Differentiates between Standard and Non-Standard requests
Classifies the request according to the Classification scheme (Technical service etc.)
Opens new or updates existing request types
Gathers the appropriate information for the type of request
Assesses priority of requests
Identifies appropriate assignment (includes linking to existing problems or requests, if applicable)
Assigns unresolved requests to the appropriate Subject Matter Expert/Service Owner
Initiates escalations Problem management
Change management
Ensures timely implementation of the requested change
Executes change remediation procedures in case of a failure during implementation
Chases updates manuals and/or operating instructions when applicable
Creates an incident ticket for changes that failed implementation, updates status of change ticket
Notifies Operations and/or Service Desk with the status of the change
Updates Configuration Management of status of CI
Problem Management
Ensures post-review of major problems
Ensures reactive and proactive management of IT problems and known errors
Coordinates efforts of all Problem Analysts, including suppliers and external teams, to ensure timely resolution of problems
Closes all problem records
Owns the Known Error Database and ensures its maintenance
Asset and configuration management
ensures quality and efficiency of problem resolution requiring Asset Management expertise
Reviews all asset discrepancies
Reviews inventory (physical and automated) for variances with Asset Management DB records
Initiates end of life on high maintenance assets
Administers process management tools for the IT Asset Management
Performs day-to-day process administration
Facilitates resource commitment and allocation
Creates, analyzes, distributes and publishes process reports on a monthly basis
Plans how verification and auditing of Configuration data will be managed
Plans for individual audits
Audits related Communications
Produces Reports
Release and deployment management
Updates status of release
Creates and participates in the test of the release
Carries out the test plan to its completion
Ensures remediation plans in the case of unsuccessful implementation of the release are available
Notifies the Release Manager and the Change Manager of unsuccessful release builds
Knowledge management
Determines the quality and completeness of submitted knowledge
Manages knowledge for a specific domain
Structures knowledge for optimal use
Identifies the best source for knowledge
Obtains knowledge from optimal source
Makes knowledge available
Determines the need for knowledge updates

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