Physical Therapy Assistant – Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Job Description
This position is responsible for the treatment of patients referred to physical therapy, under the direction and supervision of a Physical Therapist. They are responsible for the implementation of the individualized therapeutic programs pre-determined by a Physical Therapist, helping patients who are recovering from injuries and illness regain movement and manage pain. The physical therapy assistants will aim to address highlighted deficits and work towards pre-determined goals.

• Adopts a patient centered approach to practice
• Critically analyzes patient status to evaluate progression towards pre-formulated SMART goals.
• Administers evidence based therapeutic interventions prescribed by the referring Physical Therapist to address highlighted problems
• Notifies referring Physical Therapists if pre-formulated goals are not being met or if there is a significant change in patient status
• Facilitates active participation of the patient in service provision
• Acts as an advocate on behalf of the patient to protect the patient’s health, safety and rights

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