Domestic Assistant (Female) – Al Zahra

Main Job Responsibilities
Work to the defined standard with the correct cleaning materials and equipment.•
Maintain cleanliness in all areas of the hospital including housekeeping room.•
Participate in the training scheme.•
Be willing to work in all areas of the hospital such as patient areas, public areas, offices etc.•
Understand the working of each department and help them as per requirement of assistance.•
Responsible for cleaning office furniture, fitting equipments, floor, carpet shampooing, spray polish, re-polish windows, A/C Vents, ceiling tiles, and so on.•
Report to the supervisor any problem.•
Check and clean public rest rooms every 15 mts—20 mts.•
Waste which is collected in black bags to throw out side municipality garbage skip, biological waste collected in yellow bags, sharp boxes to send for incineration.•
* Minimum 1 year experience * At least high school graduate.

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