Senior Economic Research Analyst – Financial, CBUAE

To collect, compile, and analyze information related to the banking and financial sectors with a goal to support CBUAE in effectively carrying out its operations.

 Supervise the coordination with the concerned departments to compile data on the banking
/ financial sectors of the United Arab Emirates.
 Appraise research requirements of the various functions of CBUAE, ensuring timely and
relevant submissions.
 Understand the research requirements of international organizations such as the IMF, and
ensure issuance in a timely and relevant manner, in line with the quality and excellence
standards of CBUAE.
 Provide insight and independent advice on issues and concerns of CBUAE functions / senior
management by conducting relevant research.
 Identify relevant financial studies and reports of relevance to CBUAE functions.
 Conduct in-depth studies on financial sector policies, assessing the impact on UAE and making
appropriate recommendations.
 Identify developments in the financial sector, assessing the impact on the financial stability of
the UAE.
 Oversee the analysis of data on government revenue and expenditure as they pertain to the
financial sector towards identifying areas for improvement and developing reports for
management as required.
 Maintain strong knowledge and understanding of financial data tracking software, making
appropriate forecasts as required.
 Perform any other duties within the scope of work.

Education & Experience Profile
 Masters Degree in Finance/Financial Economics.
 4-8 years experience with at least 2 years experience in a similar role.
 Working experience in the UAE would be desired, with appropriate familiarity with the UAE
market and its regulations.
 Proficient in English and Arabic.

Key Behavioural Skills:
 Quality Focus – Striving to execute tasks in accordance with the relevant quality standards.
Implementing and adhering to the relevant policies, procedures and guidelines.
 Dependability – Following instructions and responding to management requests. Meeting
deadlines or informing the supervisor of any changes in plans.
 Communication – Communicating clearly and concisely with appropriate use of vocabulary as
well as body language. Engaging in productive and effective dialogues.
 Time Management – Being able to plan, prioritize, set milestones, coordinate tasks, adhere to
deadlines, predict set back and develop corrective actions.
 Job Knowledge – Understanding the requirements of the job and constantly keeping
knowledge up-to-date with new developments pertaining to the job area.

Key Technical Skills:
 Extensive experience in financial modeling and the ability to use financial models to represent
complex concepts.
 Strong knowledge and understanding of the various tools and techniques used in analytical and
policy research.
 Deep understanding of fundamental analysis and strong verbal and written communication skills.

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